Crispy idli

Crispy idli by Darshan sanjay

Ingredients :-
5 idli’s (Quartered)
3 Tbsp idli podi
1/2 tsp Black pepper powder
1 tsp Chat masala
1 tbsp ghee
Some curry leaves
Oil for frying

For Garnishing :-
Coriander leaves

Recipe (Preparation) :-

1) Take the idli’s in a bowl
2) Add pepper powder, Chat masala, Idli podi & ghee.
3) Mix it well until the idli’s are coated with the dry masala’s.
4) Now heat some oil in a kadai.
5) Put the idli’s in the oil and deep fry to a golden brown colour.
6) Serve in a bowl garnished with fried curry leaves and freshly chopped coriander. (Don’t fry the curry leaves for long as it can get burnt)

Suggested accompaniments include :-
Sambhar, any kind of chutney & Tomato sauce

Enjoy the delicious crispy idli with a touch of podi.

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