Strawberry Cheesecake by Chef Azra (Turkey)

Chia-Strawberry Cheesecake by Chef Azra (Turkey)


– #healthy#highprotein supplying and super #delicious !
Nutritional facts for 1 portion (180g) : 360 kcal, 26g carb, 12g Protein!
For the ground: * 170g almond flour
* 70g oat flour
* 40g Stevia, honey or any syrup
* 1 egg
* 1 rasples of 1 lemon
* 20g coconut oil
* bit salt
* 3g baking powder
*mix all together and form into baking shape in diameter of 30cm
for the base: * 2 egg yolks —>mix
* 60g honey—>to add to egg yolks and mix
* 360g Quark —>to add and mix
*  2 spoons of lemon juice, rasples of an half lemon and 20g oat flour
* 2 egg whites to be mixed until it gets firm and to mix into the other mixture
* pour onto ground form
* bake 30 min. with 160 degrees
*  bake further 20 min. by putting a protect (baking paper) on cake
Çilek sosu için:
* 350gstrawberries
* 20g Sweetener like Stevia
* 20g Chia —>cook with low temperature and pour onto cheesecake that cooled down already

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