Trying to get fit? All you need is this app

It’s now been 3 month since we took our resolution to shred some fat. Because of tight schedule and late night work we are not finding enough time to do our morning run or to follow the Diet.

Well a Sweden fitness company has created a perfect apps for you guys called “Seven”, as the name indicates this app needs only 7 min daily to make fat to fit

Not a minute wasted

Seven guides you through the 7-minute workout, which is based on

scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible. Gorgeous 3D animations with visual and spoken cues make sure you can focus on the workout, while Seven takes care of the rest.


You only live thrice

Just like your favorite video game, Seven starts you off with three lives. Skip a day and lose a heart, but miss 3 workouts in a month and your progress resets to zero and it’s game over! Your calendar will store all your workouts color-coded so you can see how you have done in the past and when your hearts will refill.

This is a free application and all In-App purchases can be unlocked by staying on track and after every week you will be rewarded by a new paid workout for free

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