Why Subway chain of restaurants a huge hit in India ?

You design you eat

“Custom sandwich” different people has different choices , well this is what subway put their focuses on. Not everybody will be in love with the Tuna with no tomatoes and more onions stuffed inside a flat bread (my obvious choose ) .

Everything is made in front of you

Subway subs are not the normal junk food you see on the streets .This is made out of nutritious and vitamin rich veggies , high protein meats (for non-veg peeps) and if you still wanna call it Junk food then call it premium. And the business model they follow are very transparent.

We Indians never buys a dish unless we are confident about its ingredients, for us this model is perfect

No complaints no regrets

We tend to find mistakes in everything especially with food made by our local restaurants, well subway might have thought about it and has eliminated this possible behaviour! Any sub you order from subway is the byproduct of your choices. This model makes a sandwich subconsciously attached to you and trust me that’s not a bad thing , you just enjoy every bite

Sub of the day

In a normal day, my favourite tuna sub will cost me around ₹300 and trust me we Indians think twice before spending that much on a sandwich since we grew up eating South Indian Vada and samosas which cost us around ₹5 to ₹10 (only applies to people born in 90s or before :p). Who doesn’t love discounts, the same ₹300 tuna sub will cost me less than ₹150(price change subjected to city) on Saturday because of their “sub of the day” promotional program

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